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Making Frames

A book about picture framing by A. Linnette Bell

Making Frames is an essential and practical guide to the process of framing artwork of all types. It explains how to measure the artwork, cut a window mount, attach the image, cut the moulding and make the frame before preparing the backing board and glass for assembly. Having explained the basic process, it then describes more advanced techniques such as using different mounts and framing three-dimentional items. It is illustrated with over 300 photographs and gives clear, detailed instructions along with tips and advice throughout to give your frame a professional finish.

  • Instructions to frame paper-based artwork such as photographs, prints, drawings and paintings
  • Advice on equipment and materials to buy, and tips on how to keep storage simple
  • Guidance on conservation methods to preserve valuable artwork. Specialist methods for framing canvas, panels and other types of supports that are thicker than paper
  • Methods for advanced mounts, framing fabric art and different types of deep-box frames
  • Ideas for creative framing and unique effects, including hand decorated mounts, gilding and paint effects on bare wood moulding

A. Linnette Bell has been a professional fine artist and picture framer for over thirty years and has made numerous unique and specialized frames for paintings, fabrics and 3D items. She teaches art and picture framing widely and has developed courses for UK School of Framing.
Linnette is a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer (GCF) and Making Frames is now available from The Crowood Press at www.crowood.com

If you are interested in drawing and painting or learning how to frame pictures the following courses and workshops may be of interest.

Art and Picture Framing Courses/Workshops for 2024

Palette Knife Painting DRPA035 Gerrards Cross ALC
Saturday 16th March 2024 - 10.00am to 3.30pm
Tel. 01296 382403

Acrylic Paint Pouring Workshop DRPA016 Beaconsfield ALC
Saturday 23rd March 2024 - 10.00am to 3.30pm
Tel. 01296 382403

Palette Knife Painting Workshop DRPA035 Amersham ALC
Saturday18th May 2024 - 10,00am to 3.30pm
Tel. 01296 382403

Acrylic Paint Pouring Workshop DRPA016 Gerrards Cross ALC
Saturday 15th June 2024 - 10.00am to 3.30pm
Tel. 01296 382403

Picture Framing - The Basics CRAF001 Beaconsfield ALC
Wednesday 14th February 2024 - 10.00am to 4.30pm

Tel. 01296 382403

Drawing for beginners DAPA018 Beaconsfield ALC
Saturday 8th June 2024 - 10.00am to 3.30pm

Picture Framing Weekends UK School of Framing
For a prospectus, please call All About Framing on 01494 670411

You may contact me about any of the above courses via linnette@naturalartframing.co.uk at any time.
Alternatively please call
01494 416571

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